Our Athlete Assessment will give you a comprehensive understanding of your soft skills, so you can identify strategies to optimize your game, help coaches understand the best way to work with you, and clearly communicate strengths to improve your chances of being recruited.

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Science-based and big data-backed, our soft skills assessments are trusted by professional sports organizations around the world. Developed by a Ph. D., former pro athlete and Team Optimization Specialist, HIVE Skills assessments are the first — and currently the only — evaluations of their kind.


Elite coaches and players know that raw athletic talent is only one piece of the championship puzzle. Player mentality, team compatibility, and astute leadership all have a role in taking home titles. HIVE Skills assessments clarify and quantify these powerful variables, allowing coaches to optimize results on multiple levels. 

MARCO micaletto- NCAA COLLEGE CUP FINALIST, University of akron
"I was fortunate enough to work with Yohann during my senior year at The University of Akron. Yohann’s work with the team was incredibly valuable as he shared the idea that each individual within the team has a role, and it is important to understand and embrace your role and act upon that, rather than try to be something or someone that you are not. Furthermore, he was able to help us understand how every role is vital, and there’s not one more important than the other, and I feel that gave confidence and a sense of value to players who perhaps hadn’t played many minutes, but also allowed to starting players to reflect and value the role of their teammates. All in all, he was quality at helping the team understand the importance of each individual, and this pulled us together, and I don’t think it was a coincidence that we were then able to go on and earn our way to a national final with great team performances in tough places like Wake Forest and Stanford. All in all, I believe he’s an incredible resource for any team or athlete, in order to improve their psychological skills, which at the top level, are often the difference between winning or losing."
Nicolas Gagnon - U17 coach and Head of methodology at CFMTL
"By working with Yohann [Hive Skills], he makes you think about several aspects that consciously lead you to progress and to better and make others around you grow. The range of areas on which he can influence is enormous. Its impacts are as much the individual progression of a player as of a coach as well as on the evaluation of the interactions that we can have between the players / partners of the same team or working group as on how to develop leaders. With the tool he has developed, if you do it for yourself, you get to know yourself, if you do it with your players, you not only learn to know them better but also to better support them in achieving their goals."
David Jenni, Sport Psychologist (France) Coaches
I use the Hive Skills report as a specific psychological assessment, essential to build individualized psychological support for the athlete. The Hive Skills report provides me with an accurate assessment of the mental skills used by the athlete. This specific Hive Skills assessment will allow me to meet 2 objectives: Help the athlete to get to know himself better, to understand his environment in order to better express himself in his sport. Help the coach to build working methods capable of facilitating the attainment of a high level, whatever the circumstances surrounding the athlete during his performance. "

Trusted by professional athletes and coaches.